Contract Review Company LegalOn Releases Generative AI Assistant to Shortcut Key Tasks

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The contract review company LegalOn Technologies today released LegalOn Assistant, a generative AI chat interface that can answer questions about your contracts, draft clauses, summarize contract terms, and more.

The assistant is available directly within LegalOn’s in-browser contract editing interface and it is available immediately to all customers at no extra cost.

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The company says that LegalOn Assistant is specially trained and tested for commercial contracting.

“Dozens of engineers and lawyers worked for months to take the power of GPT-4 and upgrade it with legal training and testing,” said Gabor Melli, vice president of artificial intelligence at LegalOn. “We add to that advanced security and privacy protections, including SOC II Type 2 compliance, so that companies can trust Assistant with their sensitive documents and questions.”

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LegalOn Assistant focuses on helping lawyers with three types of tasks related to specific contracts:

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  1. Answer contract questions. Users can ask questions about a contract, including its amendments and exhibits, and get answers in seconds.
  2. Draft clauses and revisions. You can ask the assistant to draft clauses and revisions that fit the rest of your contract and match existing defined terms. It can offer suggestions on language based on your negotiating position and business preferences, and can even suggest where in the contract to insert a clause.
  3. Summarize contract language. Assistant can help you quickly understand the key terms of a contract or clause with a concise, plain-language summary.

In a demonstration yesterday, Melli and U.S. CEO Daniel Lewis walked me through a scenario in which a company receives a draft master services agreement and wants to ensure it prohibits the vendor from using its logo.

Lewis starting by asking the assistant if the contract has any language prohibiting use of the logo. When the assistant answers that it does not, Lewis asks it to draft a clause explicitly prohibiting the vendor from using the logo. In seconds, it suggests a draft, and Lewis follows with a request that it suggest a location in the contract to place the clause, which it quickly does. Finally, Lewis asks the assistant to create an email to the client summarizing all the changes.

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Both Lewis and Milli said that these are simply examples of what the assistant can do and its flexibility to perform a variety of tasks.

“LegalOn Assistant is an extension of your legal team,” Lewis said. “It saves you time, handles mundane tasks, and is easy to use in day-to-day work.”

Assistant is LegalOn’s latest generative AI feature that uses the power of GPT-4 technology and Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI Service. Last year, LegalOn introduced AI Revise, the first contract redlining tool to combine detailed legal guidance content with generative AI. These features are included in every LegalOn subscription.

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