Human rights organizations release report alleging mass civilian casualties during Russia siege of Mariupol, Ukraine – JURIST

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Human Rights Watch (HRW), SITY Research and Truth Hounds released a report Thursday on the Russian military assault on the Ukrainian city of Mariupol between February and May 2022, alleging numerous civilian casualties, with some resulting from potentially illegal attacks and hundreds of thousands left without essential services for weeks.

According to the report, in February 2022, Russia initiated a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, targeting the city of Mariupol. The ensuing battle, lasting for months, resulted in widespread devastation and loss of life. Russian forces besieged the city, employing heavy artillery and airstrikes, leaving much of the infrastructure in ruins. Despite efforts to evacuate, hundreds of thousands remained trapped, facing dire conditions without basic services. According to the report, the conflict led to thousands of civilians and soldiers being buried in mass graves across the city and surrounding areas.

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The report also claims that Russia used explosive weapons in populated areas, which caused widespread death and destruction, including shelling from tanks, heavy artillery, mortar projectiles, rocket launchers, missiles and airstrikes. The report also claims 86 out of 89 educational facilities in Mariupol, including all 15 university campuses and 71 out of 74 school campuses, were damaged due to the conflict.

In 2022, Russia initiated a large-scale military invasion of Ukraine. Mariupol is a strategic city in southeastern Ukraine that has been heavily impacted by the ongoing conflict. Recently, Russian officials accused Ukraine of attacking a bakery in the Russian-occupied town of Lysychansk, eastern Ukraine, alleging civilian casualties and the deaths of several representatives of the Russian occupation authorities.

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